Ask Ken Burns

Ken Burns Image from dbkingPBS Engage is offering an opportunity for viewers to ask documentary filmmaker Ken Burns five questions as part of the ongoing “Five Good Questions” series. This is a chance for all you budding documentarians to get your burning questions answered by one of the best known documentary directors in America.

PBS Vote 2008: Not Just for Television Any More

The Producer tipped me off to PBS Vote 2008, a spot where PBS is culling together the best of their documentary films, news coverage and web tools on the ’08 election, and presenting it to PBS viewers like you.

My favorite of these is a game called Budget Hero:

Play Budget Hero

You get to play “cards” like “Bring Troops Home Now” that change how much money the government spends, then watch your budget play out over time.

If you’re trying to find a source to help you follow everything that’s happening up ’til November, this seems like the place to go!