John August on BitTorrent

John August, well-known writer (also Producer/Director), has several posts on his blog about his latest movie, The Nines, appearing on BitTorrent.

In chronological order (edit: fixed links):
The Nines on BitTorrent
More on the Torrents

In the most recent one, he attributes a rise in popularity of the film on IMDB to the proliferation of the film on BitTorrent. Also interesting to note that he owns the copyright on the film, so is speaking not only as the film’s creator but as the owner as well.

Open Source Pre-Production has an interview with Mark Kennedy of Greyfirst Corporation about Celtx, an innovative new open-source pre-production tool. Based on the interview, it sounds like this tool might go a long way towards bringing the technological advances enjoyed by post-production teams to the pre-filming side of things.

Greenlight Awards

Greenlight Awards

Win $2,000 for best Digital Series concept or $10,000 for best digital series production (one episode). Deadline is February 15, 2008. Winners announced at SXSW 2008.

FYI, they define digital series thusly:

Digital Series is a new type of TV show that varies in length and the number of episodes, and is made available to consumers anywhere and anytime via any network — whether it’s the Web, mobile devices, gaming consoles, IPTV, traditional TV channels and cable systems.