Leveraging Indie-ness

I read an article on The Motley Fool once about the advantages of being a small investor. There are some things that a small investor can do that multi-million dollar companies can not. Among them are investing in small cap stocks that can potentially outperform large blue chips. I was reminded of this article recently when thinking about what type of film to produce, and what I decided was that, whatever it is, we need to leverage the fact that we are a small indie outfit.

We can’t compete with a large studio on action films or star-studded blockbusters; we just don’t have the money. But in being a small, mostly unknown production team, we do have the freedom to tackle controversial issues. We can produce a film that makes a statement without risking reputation or advertising revenue (nothing to lose on that front). So I’m all in favor of using this opportunity to get a message out there and I’m certainly going to keep that in mind when reviewing possible stories.

There are also technical advantages. For instance, we can also make use of things on a small scale that a large company would have trouble getting access to. We wouldn’t draw as much attention as a full-out film squad setting up shop in the middle of downtown Washington, DC for instance. So that’s something to keep in mind while scouting locations.

I’m sure there are other advantage to being a small, lightly funded operation, and it’s likely that they will become apparent in the future. Hopefully in time to take advantage of them.

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