I’m beginning to collect log lines to start formulating ideas for a film. I’ve got a couple already and I encourage you to send in your own. My idea is for me, and other writers on the staff, to post some of our favorites and try a hand at fleshing them out a bit or just kick around some ideas and then get your feedback on the ideas.

If you have more than a log line, just send the a log line for now. The ideas we create are by no means final, but it will be interesting to see what we come up with before seeing the actual script or synopsis. I look forward to reading you story ideas.

Additionally, if you want to be involved in the production of your film idea, should we choose it, just let me know. We don’t intend to cut anyone out of their own stories.

For help on writing loglines, try the article, Writing Loglines that Sell by Jonathan Treisman.

Note: I have seen “log lines” as one word or two, so I’m going to treat the two interchangeably until I get definitive ruling.

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  1. Just two ideas:

    #1 – In a small Midwestern town a young writer learns that all love is not created equal, and that sometimes life does not work out exactly as you intended. As he grows up, his world changes and a chance encounter gives him that one last chance for redemption.

    #2 – Washington, D.C. seems awfully small when this bartender finds out four of his ex-girlfriends are living there too. He seems to be falling in love all over again.

    I personally like #2 better, but I figured I’d put both out there.

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