More free music

Mike over at HD for Indies posted about free music from Moby for non-commercial/non-profit films. Looks like a pretty good deal. To be sure, this is not music released under Creative Commons; the license restrictions are much more stringent. When you request a license there is a list of statements to agree to:

You hereby confirm that by proceeding with this license, your film or solely for non-commercial uses i.e. explicitly for non-profit organizations.
You hereby confirm that this may not be made available for sale or public broadcasts (paid for). It may be used in film festivals and student (non-paying) venues.
You acknowledge that all songs remain the property of the artist, song writer and their record company and publisher and use hereof is limited only to your designated film.
You acknowledge that Moby has his own moral values and as such he stresses that any musical synchronisation (use) to acts of animal harm, acts of violence or any sexual acts are strictly prohibited.
Any license granted hereunder may be revoked at anytime at Moby or the copyright owners sole discretion in the event there has been any misuse or intentional misappropriaton of the terms and conditions contained herein.
Any inadvertant, illegal or blatant misuse of any music made available hereunder is a material breach of the terms and conditions and you will be vigorously pursued by the relevant copyright owner.

If you, your film, and your usage of the music meet these requirements, then go for it.

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