It begins…

Or more accurately, continues. Crave has a post about a TV station in a box from NetTVworld. This box is essentially a minimal configuration solution for easily transmitting video content over the internet. This kind of product coming to market is yet another harbinger of the impending paradigm shift in entertainment media. Musical artists are beginning to eschew their record labels and show some faith in direct marketing and the WGA is striking against TV and Film producers. The onward march of technological process lowers the threshold for entry into media and entertainment, and products like NetTVworld’s box are breaking down barriers in distribution. BitTorrent and YouTube have already made it easier for masses to distribute pre-recorded video and other digital media. This box aims to make it easier for the technically uninitiated to broadcast live video. Exciting things are happening. The industry is due for a change, and it’s only a matter of time before there is a major shift. Certainly, there are still advantages to major studio or station backing, but can those entities continue to justify the cost of their services? For independent media creators of all kinds, and for consumers with a taste for more than just the “mainstream”, this promises to be an exciting time indeed.

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