DIY Days: Free Conference for Indies!

DIY Days Logo Image from DIY Days WebsiteThanks to David Tames and Boston Media Makers (woot!), I just learned about DIY Days.

DIY Days, in their own words:

DIY DAYS – fund :: create :: distribute :: sustain
How do we sustain ourselves as filmmakers and storytellers in this day of shifting film distribution systems? How do we monetize our film and get the word out without studio support? Presented by From Here to Awesome and Current TV – DIY DAYS aims to answer these questions with a day of panels, roundtable discussions and workshops: A look at how to fund, create, and distribute and sustain.

Anyone wanting to make creative work – film, music, games, art. Self-Identified Independent filmmakers, Creatives and Tech-philes.

The day flows through a mix of both structured and free form activities to encourage open discussion and the opportunity to break into groups and get everyone talking to each other. Pack a lunch and network offline with fellow creatives.

Best of all, this shindig is FREE. Looks like they have scheduled DIY Days in NYC, SF, LA and Boston (hurray!). But if you, like the Producer, do not live in one of those places, it looks like you’ll be able to sit in via streaming video sessions. Exciting, no?

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