Greenlight Awards

Greenlight Awards

Win $2,000 for best Digital Series concept or $10,000 for best digital series production (one episode). Deadline is February 15, 2008. Winners announced at SXSW 2008.

FYI, they define digital series thusly:

Digital Series is a new type of TV show that varies in length and the number of episodes, and is made available to consumers anywhere and anytime via any network — whether it’s the Web, mobile devices, gaming consoles, IPTV, traditional TV channels and cable systems.

Boston Open Screen

This is probably the coolest idea I have ever seen pop out of the film community in Boston:

Boston Open Screen

Basically, it’s an open mic night for filmmakers. How cool is that? You’re testing your material in front of a live audience, presumably made up of other filmmakers and film nuts. Also, they have a lovely little DVD burning guide on their website. I’m tempted to skip the free showing of Juno at the Harvard Square theater, just so I can go to this instead. Choices, choices. . .

National Film Challenge

Hot on the heels of the Insomnia Film Festival comes the National Film Challenge. A spin off from the 48 Hour Film Project in 2003, the National Film Challenge is similar in structure, but films are mailed in from anywhere in the country and screened online instead of in the local city.

Register by October 18th (spots may fill up earlier) for the competition weekend of October 19-22, 2007.

Also of note, the International Documentary Challenge is coming up in March ’08. Shoot a documentary from March 6-10, 2008 for the third annual iteration of this non-fiction filmmaking event. Finalists will be premiering at HotDocs in April.

But wait! There’s more:

A screening of the [2007] IDC films produced in the Washington DC area will take place on October 9, 2007 at the AFI Silver Theatre.

How’s that for filmfest goodness?