Legal IP Issues and Staffing Up

I’ve been considering how and whether to copyright this project. My inclination is to license it under Creative Commons or another open source license, but I will have to check on the feelings of people involved and the potential problems that might cause in bringing it to festivals or distribution.

In fact, it would be great to have someone to look into the different possible modes of copyright/non-copyright/licensing and make suggestions. That will be my next goal after finding writers.

I have decided to target multiple writers for the project since most of the ones on my list can’t afford to dedicate the amount of time that is required. I think a group process, while potentially abrasive, will lead to interesting group dynamics and potentially a very polished final product. Not to mention that my favorite part of all of this is finding the right people for the job and guiding them to work together towards a single goal. To this end, and because I myself don’t have the momentum to sustain a one-man blog, I will be bringing new crew on-board shortly.

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