After using this blog as a semi-private forum to develop my idea before taking it to the world, I have decided to start sharing it.

If you want to get involved there are a couple ways to do it. The first is by posting comments on these posts with your ideas or suggestions. This is highly appreciated, even if its nothing more than encouragement to continue the project. At some points I will likely ask for specific feedback, and that is even more appreciated.

If you would like to take a more active role and can commit to longer term involvement, let me know what you would like to do and why you would be good at it. Then I will set you up with the inside scoop as well as a way to post directly to the blog.

The initial stages are development of a script and preproduction, so as much as I would love to hear from all of you who want to be involved in the production or post-production of the film, please hold of on contacting me/us until we reach that stage. In the meantime I hope you will continue to follow along and offer your support and suggestions.

I recommend Google Reader for keeping track of RSS feeds such as the one for this blog. Alternatively, if you use the Google Homepage (aka iGoogle) you can add an RSS feed to your homepage, or add a Google Reader widget to your homepage that shows all the feeds you have subscribed to in Google Reader. Click here (Add to Google) to add the RSS feed to Google Homepage or Google Reader.

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  1. That’s still up in the air. Feel free to post a logline if you’ve got ideas you would like to share.

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