Due to a particularly heavy schedule at work, I haven’t posted in almost a month and a half. In the future I hope to add some writers to the staff here so that time between posts doesn’t stretch so long.

In the time since the last post, I’ve gotten involved in an local independent/student short film. Meeting several people from the area who are involved in low-to-no budget film making inspired me to take this blog in a new direction. I was reminded how important it is to leverage your network when making a film, particularly when on a shoestring budget. I was also reminded that most of the pleasure in working on films for me comes from working with other creative minds towards a common goal.

So, I will still be discussing my own projects here, but I will be opening up the this forum to other filmmakers, specifically in the DC area, to spread information about local events, casting calls, and crew openings for their own films. I will continue to write about technical issues and challenges facing bootstrap filmmakers and I hope to add some other local indie and student filmmakers to the writing staff as well.

Keep your RSS aggregators peeled (mixed metaphors anyone?) for articles following the new model. Hope you enjoy the show.

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